Excellence in safety through a broader understanding of diversity

Auteur Svetlana PALAGINA
Directeur /trice Michel Oris
Co-directeur(s) /trice(s)
Résumé de la thèse

The aim of the thesis is to identify the application of safety measures at CERN and their impact through multi-facetted analysis of the safety culture and operation based on the five dimensions of CERN Diversity Policy, which are:

•Nationality / Culture


•Age / Generation


•Individual differences (ethnic origin, sexual orientation, belief, physical ability, or opinions provided that they are consistent with the Organization’s values).


The role of safety training as a major player, amongst others, in terms of safety will be considered.


Research will look into the following areas where they relate to personal diversity dimensions:

•Employee analysis – five dimensions of the CERN Diversity Policy;

•Consideration of safety interfaces experienced by personnel – GLIMOS, Users’ office, Medical service, Safety Training, CERN Bulletin;

•Analysis of safety information routing – communication through lines of hierarchy and across organizational units composed of groups of people with certain function;

•Analysis of CERN safety strategy concerning information diffusion, safety monitoring, safety rules definition with respect to the different groups of people present on site (staff, users, contractors etc.);

•Accident analysis from the perspective of the personal diversity dimensions;

•Analysis of relevant surveys that are already available;

•Legislative issues and norms that constrain CERN safety policy.


Found features and information from the research will be organized in a multidimensional matrix, where patterns relating to aspects of safety could be revealed.


This research should help in further developing safety management strategy and safety communication. In the context of an international public organization, measures that improve safety and reduce accidents contribute to a positive image of that organization.


The central hypothesis of the thesis is that the understanding of diversity and cultural differences is a fundamental factor in achieving excellence in safety culture.

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