Occupational transitions after plant closure in Switzerland's manufacturing sector

Auteur Isabel BAUMANN
Directeur /trice Daniel Oesch
Co-directeur(s) /trice(s)
Résumé de la thèse

Our study focuses on mass redundancies in Switzerland’s manufacturing sector in 2009/10. It examines the impact of layoffs on the occupational trajectory of the concerned workers on the one hand and on the economic implication of this career break on the concerned households on the other hand. More specifically, which factors influence a) the duration of unemployment and b) the characteristics of the post-unemployment job (type of occupation, sector, income, terms of employment). Furthermore, we examine the impact of displacement, on the employment situation of the household members, on the household income and on the stability of the relationship with the partner. The study aims to identify specific resources and characteristics which either shelter displaced workers from a major career break or, on the contrary, make them particularly vulnerable.

Délai administratif de soutenance de thèse 2015
URL https://applicationspub.unil.ch/interpub/noauth/php/Un/UnPers.php?PerNum=1115207