Children rights on the move: an interdisciplinary study of migrant children’s mobilities and rights in Thailand

Auteur Quentin FAYET
Directeur /trice Pr. Daniel Stoecklin
Co-directeur(s) /trice(s)
Résumé de la thèse

At the crossroads between different disciplines and research fields (migration studies, mobility studies, cultural geography, children rights studies), this interdisciplinary research looks at the influence of migrant children’s spatial mobilities on their perception of children rights and self-identity as rights holder in the context of Thailand. Framing my research within the field of mobility studies (Hannam et al, 2006; Sheller and Urry 2006), I combine the concepts of living rights (Hanson, 2012), translocal subjectivities (Conradson and McKay, 2007) and aspirations (Appadurai, 2004) to look at how children rights are translocally understood and shaped through migrant children’s mobilities across different socio-spatial environments. By doing so, I intend to look at how their mobilities promote or hamper their capabilities. (Sen, 1999; Nussbaum, 2001).

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