Assesing energy efficiency as a tool for the energy transition

Auteur Thomas GUIBENTIF
Directeur /trice Prof. Martin Patel
Co-directeur(s) /trice(s)
Résumé de la thèse

I explore some shortcommings associated to energy efficiency by studying one regional energy efficiency programme using different approaches. In particular, I show the limitations of quantitative, technology-based approaches to design and monitor such programmes, namely lack of precision and accuracy of saving evaluations and rebound effects. I explore the need and difficulties experienced by the programme to rise up from such approaches to a more "activator" role, drawing on the litterature on intermediaries. I then explore alternative organizational setups which would foster faster change.

Statut au milieu
Délai administratif de soutenance de thèse 2024
URL https://www.unige.ch/efficience/team/guibentift