African cities, global business: the (international) construction-real estate-finance nexus in the production of urban space in Angola

Directeur /trice Armelle Choplin
Co-directeur(s) /trice(s) Didier Péclard
Résumé de la thèse

This research aims to study the production of space in Angola and how capitals from

different origins – emerging countries, but also national and former coloniser – contributes

to it. Secondly, the research will also try to respond whether (and how) real estate and

infrastructure projects funded and built by these foreign capitals (Brazilian, Chinese,

Portuguese) and Angola's connect the country to global financial markets. Africa is rising,

new kinds of investments arrive over the region and new cities are built from scratch either

by foreign companies or, in a lesser extent, by an incipient real estate industry. In this

scenario, the role of emerging economies in funding and building infrastructure for African

territorial development has become crucial, an alternative to traditional dependence on

multilateral institutions or on previous colonial powers. Partnerships with foreign

construction firms have changed the urbanisation scenario over the continent in the last two

decades, providing them with housing and big infrastructure projects. This transformation

has its consequences in geopolitical relations, but also has important impacts in

urbanisation, in financial geography and in policymaking. Building on previous works I

have undertaken on housing financialisation, this research will study how capital from

Brazil, China, Portugal have transformed the urban landscape in Angola, filling an

important comparative research gap and promoting scientific bridges between stakeholders

from different countries.

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