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Dialogue Between Social Sciences and Natural Sciences: the Case Study of Sustainability


16 au 17 juin 2022


Gaël Brulé (chargé d'enseignement, UNINE)


Possible speakers: M. Michael Martin (Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Senior researcher), M. David Lazarevic (Finnish institute of environment, Senior researcher), M. Thomas Gibon (Research and Technology Associate, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology)


In this seminar, PhD students will be invited to reflect upon the possibility to discuss with researchers from natural sciences. To do that, we will use the case study of sustainability which is indisputably a field in which all skills are required, even different or conflicting views. Experts in sustainability in the field of social sciences and in the natural sciences will bring their view on the promises and the difficulties of transdisciplinary discussion.

This will pave the way to a discussion on possible interactions between social sciences and natural sciences, in particular via environmental sociology. The interconnections and their implications will be debated according to different approaches and theories (resource, critical realism, social constructionism, actor-network theory, arcadian…). The examples of wastes, biofuels and biodiversity , the method of Life Cycle Assessment and other related topics will be considered from different perspectives. No matter what is the field of research of the PhD students, the reflection about epistemological opening will be possibly usable outside of the particular example of sustainability.


Monte verità di Ascona


Modalité de participation financière pour les doctorant-e-s CUSO: CHF 20.-



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