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Dialogic Resiliences and Resonances (co-organized with the anthropology program)


20 au 22 mai 2022


Elodie Richardet (doctorante, UNINE) Aurianne Stroude (chargée de cours, UNIFR), Christian Ghasarian (professeur, UNINE)


Hartmut Rosa (Friedrich Schiller University, Germany), Laurent Dousset (EHESS)


The ability to overcome difficulties or traumas (ecological, political, economic, psychological, spiritual) is expressed at the individual and social level. In both cases, particular people or communities mobilize resources (psychic, symbolic, ideological, etc.) that contribute to their reconstruction. The notion of resilience is evoked more and more on this subject. It can be put into perspective with «resonance» developed by Harmut Rosa (2018) about relationships (to oneself, to the other and to the collective, to one's environment and to objects) carrying a potential for self-fulfillment. The module proposes to reflect on the various forms of resilience and resonances emerging in different socio-cultural contexts. Participants are invited to explore what, in their areas of research, resembles resilient and resonant practices (albeit inversely alienating), whether through acts of resistance, adjustments, reformulations, accommodations, dialogism and so on. In the framework of an anthropology of good life, the accent may be placed on the social dimension of resilience / resonance (symbolic, community, developmental, institutional, ecological, economic or political, etc.), but this does not preclude exploring individual approaches - resilient and / or resonant - to thwart the hardships of life and get in step with what can enrich it, especially when these steps can be undertaken, under different modalities, by other people in other places. The reflections can also relate to the limits of the concept, which is to be linked to the increase of the imagination of the risk, the danger and the trauma peculiar to the post-industrial societies, and on what belongs to a «positive ideology» that can lead those who do not exploit what can be defined as their «resources»




Modalité de participation financière pour les doctorant-e-s: CHF 20.-



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