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Mobility, Urbanity and the Hybridisation of Territorial Belonging. Digital and Transnational Lives


6 septembre 2019


Sandro Cattacin (UNIGE), Fiorenza Gamba (UNIGE), Vincent Kaufmann (EPFL)


Malene Freudendal-Pedersen (Université de Roskilde, Danemark), Sandro Cattacin (UNIGE), Fiorenza Gamba (UNIGE), Vincent Kaufmann (EPFL)


Mobility could be considered normal, a common characteristic of contemporary lives shared and experienced in many different ways (Kaufmann 2012). As John Urry (2000) has argued, mobility is the ambience in which the contemporary person finds herself. Together with the normality of mobility, we are witnessing a multiplication of stories of belonging, and digital technology is what makes it possible for people to maintain their network of relationships, contributing to the creation of consistent mobile and de-territorialised biographies in which inclusion and belonging are developed in equal measure. Transnationalism and belonging, the practices of living in different places (multilocality; Dick and Duchêne-Lacroix 2014) and the living conditions of high- and low-skilled international mobile people (expats and undocumented migrants for instance; Favell 2008; Missaoui and Tarrius 2006) –all of these have been analysed in many ways, but never from the perspective of the making of hybrid (supra-national) territorial belongings. We are interested in exactly this point: how, through ICTs and other practices, it is possible to live in different spaces –in terms of social, subjective and objective belonging– at the same time, and what kinds of meta-belonging come into being through these experiences?


Université de Genève (Unimail)



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